Welcome, 2012!

To usher this year of amazing in, I dealt with a lot of the above.  It's a mighty odd thing when the Garmin shows no other roads.

And I passed by a lot of this.
But then I got to my destination.
And it was time to celebrate.

Our dear friend Chris is the most marvelous head chef at his new restaurant in the Vineyard Town.
And this is the cutest quail I've ever seen.
Cute ... and delicious.

It is stinking cold in the Vineyard Town on New Years Eve.
But the street was so prettily dressed up in its Christmas Best.
Tiffany, middle, my old roommate.
Lacey, right, a true co-partner in crime.
I miss these girls like you wouldn't believe.
Would.  Not. Believe.

New Years Glee increases exponentially with every noisemaker.
In case you were curious.

I am attempting to show how tough I am in Chris' kitchen.
But I think I'll leave the cooking to the professional.
(See who's really holding the knife?)

Shoes was not really smiling when I asked him to don his party hat for this photo.
He has had to listen to me describe how epic this year is going to be no less than 50, 217 times.

I'm still celebrating.

With noisemakers.


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