you know, where things kind of don't make sense, and are wild and beautiful and unruly and compassionate and, really, some very terrible things happen, too?

shoes and i sometimes play the bad language game.  the bad language game goes like this:  take turns saying junk language that drive you crazy.  shoes:  "literally" as in, "i literally died."  lisa:  "i seen".  shoes:  "yeah, no."  lisa:  "her and i went to the store".  then we digress into cliches that each of us have a habit of saying.  my favorite right now:  "if it's not one thing, it's another."

"if it's not one thing, it's another", is where we're at right now.  planning the wedding is taking some twists and turns (another cliche????) that we didn't forsee.   we're ok.  we're trying to support the rest of the family to be ok, too.

other things that have happened?

the end of my last winter term.  hallelujah.  i wrapped up the last of the projects for this term of my year long counseling class and turned in my last DSM assignment (i think you already know this, but that's the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders.  11 heart breaking weeks of learning how to diagnose mental disorders, personality disorders, psychosocial stressors ... sigh).

during the last dsm class, the tv show "leverage" was filming at the chancellor's office a floor below the graduate school of social work.  fabulous vantage points out our big, beautiful gssw windows onto the porch where they were filming.  timothy hutton was right there.

i didn't know who timothy hutton was before that day.

there are a lot of tv shows filming in portland right now.

i digress.

right after i turned in my last DSM assignment, i made my first official solo diagnosis at the mental  health clinic.  talk about heart breaking.  this deserves a separate post in and of itself.

i have a fairly significant case of compassion fatigue i'm taking up in prayer right now.

also quite a few questions and lots of doubt in my individual supervision lately. but, i've also been told, in the past few days, that i'm an "excellent intern."  (yes.  but will i make an excellent therapist...)

lots of fabulous, inspiring, exciting wedding planning.  one of the things that saves me right now.  cheryl's dress fitting, elizabeth's dress finding and my first dress fitting is tomorrow!  elizabeth and cheryl are hard at work planning my bridal shower.  my dear friend, b., just said she was going to be planning a special evening at a local winery for a non-bachelorette, bachelorette party.   we're working on getting the catering for the rehearsal dinner set up.  i get to go choose shoes' wedding band over spring break.

now, in the little time i have before i need to get ready for an afternoon of juvenile justice presentations and a scholarship recipient dinner, i should clean my house.  restore order.  start to work on re-balancing my life.

'cause, you know.  it it's not one thing, it's another (she said, smiling sideways, with a sparkle in her eye.)

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  1. BreAnna on March 21, 2012 at 10:21 PM

    The beauty of these strange two weeks is that you survived. Here's hoping that next quarter brings a lot less eye rolling during class (oh wait, that was mostly me!) and lots of fun celebrating your upcoming marriage. <3


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