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not winning

more requests for people we've never met to be invited to the wedding.  (this is, of course after we pared down our own list to the bare bones, making cuts we didn't want to make, wanting to keep things relatively intimate.  setting boundaries is a hard lesson to learn.)  the first 2 moments of being so completely overwhelmed by wedding stress I had to excuse myself to visit the bathroom so I could sit on the floor and cry it out for a few minutes.  for the sake of propriety, i'll keep the details to myself, but the instigating factors to the crying were not.  good.  even shoes cussed, and he's usually unflappable.   having to repeatedly explain to everybody that one of the reasons i'm trying to keep the wedding low key and low detailed is because i'm finishing my master's degree, working and trying to find a job, so no, we will not be having a seated dinner with wait service. no homework completion this weekend.  no time to work on job searching.


a shoes so distressed about my own stress level, he spent 30 minutes finding images of the dog we're buying in june to try to cheer me up.  a very successful meeting with the florist who understood immediately what i was talking about.  a seat partner on the plane back from Spokane who did a fantastic job of talking me off the ledge. a beautiful bridal shower invitation (my own!) that showed up in my inbox.  coming home to Portland.  an 80 degree monday.  sleeping more than 6 hours.

good night.  i guess my first grad. adviser knew what she was talking about when, 3 years ago, she said the one thing -- the one thing! -- we should not do is try to plan a wedding our last term of the program.  shoes abruptly turned to me in the car, as we were driving to drop me off at the airport in spokane, and said, "have you ever been to the mgm?"

not yet.  but maybe soon.


  1. Andrea on April 23, 2012 at 7:16 PM

    Ugh - drawing lines with wedding guests is a gruelling job! Neal and I wanted a Very Small wedding (only immediate family and a handful of close friends)- we were able to keep it that way and it was awesome, but it meant drawing some pretty firm lines. It was one of those situations where we either had to invite the whole town or next to no-one. Thankfully everyone was quite happy for us, whether they were invited or not. It really does all work out in the end :) *though you may have to make a t-shirt declaring 'Our Wedding will be Low Key and Simple!'*

  2. Sarah's Blog on April 24, 2012 at 7:59 PM

    I know that your post was not meant for this...BUT... I do not think that Edwin and I can make it. We have talked about it in length and I just do not think the girls (or my nerves) will handle the trip. I know how stressful the wedding attendance can get and deciding who to cut and who not to. I wanted to let you know as soon as I read this, so you can free up a little Mwango space. I hope this doesn't cause any hurt feelings (i know you are not easily offended). I LOVE YOU!!
    BUT PLEASE lets have a date before you move.


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