a wedding.  or like an antique store had diarrhea in my kitchen. either way.

after last week's heavy family posts, i thought a little merriment might be in order.

(shoes often looks at my love of antiques with bewilderment.  once he asked me if i was trying to turn our future home into a haunted house.  i'm not.  but it's not funny how much i seriously love antiques.  and also.  in driving around portland to look for the following, i saw a woman getting arrested and a drug deal.  it was a very full day.)

the wedding vision is a little difficult to explain, so just a few hints ...

This cutie is going near the guest book.  She'll be a little dolled up with accompanying burlap, lace and other assorted pretties.

I couldn't stomach the thought of paying for all of the bottles and jars for flowers and candles to be antiques, so I bought just a few to mix in with the jars we'll be dying (picture below).  and by "we" i don't mean shoes and i.

This little project involves brown twine, miniature clothespins, and lots of historic pictures (mingled in with pictures of shoes and i.  history tells a story as we're telling our story.)

these are the jars that are waiting to be dyed by myself and my dear friend, b.

i snagged this banner on etsy months ago.  shoes squinted, sighed and said, "girls get all weird about this, huh."

i wish i could hyperlink by dear friend Kylee's blog, but she (wisely) has it set to private;  it turns out, by pure magical coincidence, kylee and i (without consulting each other) have  many similar wedding ideas and hers are beyond adorable.  kylee is getting married july 7th, and i couldn't be more happy for her. kylee, i was just reading in my diary about the day i got that fateful phone call from you years ago ... and i look at the place of restoration God has brought you and your precious son to and i just weep.  what a journey.

happy wedding season!


  1. Kylee on April 4, 2012 at 7:23 AM

    Of friend, I am going to cry. You are so sweet and I can't believe you wrote that night I called you down in your journal.
    I love the banner, I have one similar and I have one that says "Love is Sweet". I am going to try dying my mason jars this week sometime, I will let you know how it goes.

  2. Andrea on April 4, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    Love these ideas - especially your typewriter! Can't wait to see it all come together :)


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