it was just plain creepy.

on the 8 up to my job at the hospital, a man tried to show me his surgery scars, and in doing, so, managed to show me his entire, naked, bare bottom.  i'm a pretty good judge of intent, and i feel fairly comfortable in saying that i was not purposefully flashed, but rather, the view of the moon was a result of a traumatic brain injury (self reported) and subsequent low social awareness.

it was my first incident of nudity on the bus.

this was in the afternoon.  the morning was taken up by a long conversation i was dragged in to and tried for almost a half hour to get out of.  it brought up all sorts of hard, hurtful memories about my former marriage and former husband.

let's just say this: i'm not the best person one could come to (socially) if one is having an extra-marital affair.  i've no sympathy, no patience, no anything.  it hasn't come up yet in my sessions with clients, but because i have such strong reactions to it, i've already done lots and lots and LOTS of reflecting about how to handle it if it does.

of course, all of this lead to a night full of insane dreams (because i'm so GOSH DARNED SUSCEPTIBLE TO SUGGESTION) in which i was re-marrying former husband who now had a traumatic brain injury and kept flashing people on the street.

oy vey.

in other news, the wedding invitations came this week, bringing a flood of Very Happy.

i'm trying to rest in that, as the alternative is the naked rear end of a stranger on the bus.

oy vey, again.

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  1. Andrea on April 19, 2012 at 5:47 PM

    Oh man - you poor girl! Ditto on not being the person to come to if one is having an extra-marital affair - I would not be a good example of grace and understanding... Cudos to you for prepping ahead of time in case it comes up in client sessions - it's not easy to control ones intense emotional reactions to certain things, even after a long period of healing.

    So happy your wedding invitations came this week - YAY!


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