... to tell you that i had a bridal shower.  and it was lovely. i will share a couple of pictures with you, but my hunch is that elizabeth has better ones i will have to convince her to share.

apparently, i liked to be in a lot of these shots and so the pictures i have exist only of me and somebody else.  but what about the cupcakes!  the wasabi dishes i painted!  the flowers!

7 lovely ladies gathered, cupcakes were consumed, rosewater lemonade and wine were sipped, ceramics were covered and gifts were exchanged.  gigglers giggled and general happiness abounded.  beforehand, shoes informed me that he could also throw a bridal shower.  not in the "i want to throw a bridal shower way" but more in the, "this is what i'd do" way.

and he wasn't that far off.

oh, that shoes.  i could just marry him and his cheeky, loving, empathetic, witty self.

so i will. and i'll keep him.

my good night, how i adore that man.

aren't they adorable?  Love at First Bite - Confections by Debby in Salem.  Debby is Elizabeth's mother in law and let me tell you what, this little gem and the Margarita flavored one I apparently don't have a picture of?  Addictive.

yes, margarita.

i have a penchant.

sarah is showing you the lovely little trinket she's painting for her daughter.
sarah made it allllll the way out to sw portland despite having three tiny girls at home (thanks, grandma!) and we giggled.  (sarah brought a very cheeky shower present.)
elizabeth and i are still enamored with the CUPCAKES!

these two ladies i have known the longest.
sister cheryl (whose socks i could just hug right off of her).
my friend noell (we met in the 7th grade and have been through weddings and babies and divorces and college graduations and high school crushes - she's a good egg, that noell.)

tiffany and i are hiding at the end here.
tiffany drove all the way from the Vineyard town (4 hours) to be there.
i almost cried.  
she's painting a plate on which all the girls put inside jokes and private words.
she has just finished painting "perjoratives!"
that is because one time at her house, shoes played ping pong very, very, very badly, kept hanging his head and said, "perjoratives!"
it is funny because you do not use the word perjoratives in that manner.
it is also funny because shoes, tiffany, tiffany's partner chris and i cannot stop saying perjoratives.

thanks, dear heart, for such a lovely afternoon and all of your hard work.
you are a dear, giving, generous soul and i am so humbled by the shower!
thanks, too, to sister cheryl.

i do not have a picture of my wasabi dishes, but they crack me up in a way that only makes sense to me.  
i'll take a picture and share them at a later point.  

yay shoes and lisa!

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  1. Andrea on May 21, 2012 at 9:16 AM

    Love this! So glad you had a shower full of cupcakes, laughter and the best of company :)


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