Me:  "I think about it all the time and it makes me so nervous.  The private sector is hiring slowly now, but the public sector is still getting hit.  BIG TIME."

Shoes:  "Didn't you tell me all of your friends who graduated in the Spring have found jobs?"

Me:  "Yeah, but, we'll have one more year of yucky economy by the time I graduate and the cuts are coming fast and hard."

Shoes:  " 'Yucky economy?'  Technical term?  I know you love the public sector, babe."

Me:  "Yeah, and I have to pay my student loans back or I'll go to PRISON."

Shoes:  "Uhhh ... "

Me:  "Will you stay married to me if I go to PRISON?"

Shoes:  "Yeah, I think so.  But you should probably concentrate first on, you know, eating dinner.  Then  maybe some sleep would be good ... "


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