In the crazy that is my life, I'm finding that this process of slowing down and purposefully looking for things that I am truly grateful for is helping create a new narrative in my life ... one that is most decidedly outside the "stressed, tired, overwhelmed graduate student" narrative.

And if that sounded counsel-y ... it was. ;)

1.  Grateful for my crazy, extended, very, very, very large family, that stretches me and grows me and, truthfully guys, although sometimes I think you're crazy (and sometimes I think I'M crazy), when all is said and done, there's a lot of love and a LOT of, "We might  not know exactly what we're doing, but we've sure got a lot of stick to it-ness in us."

2.  Grateful for my soon to be new family through Shoes.  What a loving, accepting, wild lot they are.  Especially thankful for the young nieces and nephews, with their crashing, wild abandon love and positive energy.

3.  I'm thankful for the kids I'm working professionally with right now and all they are teaching me about Bravery and Forgiveness.

4.  Thankful for difficult conversations I'm having with clients right now about racism and oppression with my clients.  Thankful that I am figuring out (it'll be a long process) how to identify in session that Portland can be  a racist city and figuring out how to invite open and honest feedback on the therapeutic relationship (especially if I do or say something, as a Caucasian therapist, that feels racist or demeaning).  Thankful that the response so far from clients has been overwhelmingly positive.  I might make a longer post out of this for a later time.

5.  Thankful for the support of so many during the crazy that is planning a traditional wedding.  Thankful that so many big details have already been worked out.  Thankful I get to take my hoped-for break from the planning until Winter Break.

6.  I am especially thankful for the deliciousness that is Pirate's Booty.  O, little puffs, how I love to love you.


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